Romy has a profound understanding of my technique and human behaviour.

With her intuition and eye for detail, she gives actors effective tools to use their own personal experiences and recreate interesting and dynamic characters with many psychological layers. 

~ IVANA CHUBBUCK (Los Angeles, USA) 

Working with Romy was amazing. She helped me get a deeper connection to my character and I believe that her steering me through the script has helped my performance a lot. I am excited to work with her again.

~ TWAN KUYPER (USA/NL) -  'Love Fail Repeat'

Romy is committed, professional and purpose-driven. My acting process has been profoundly enriched by the quality questions she's been helping to raise. Working with her helped me deepen my exploration of my character, understand his universal nature and find the fire to win. I couldn't recommend enough working with her.

~ MATTEO FRANCO (UK/USA/IT) - HBO 'SAS Rogues Heroes', Season 2

With her deep psychological insight and knowledge of the Chubbuck Technique Romy has helped to deepen my acting skills and really grow as an actress.  Working with her allows me to make characters deeper, more layered, and fuller.  Romy is very professional and inspiring to work with and I will look forward to working with her many more times in the future.

~  SALLIE HARMSEN (NL/UK/USA) - Golden Calf Winner

Romy really helped in furthering my understanding of applying the Chubbuck technique in practice and also asked the right questions in getting me to be honest with myself, sparking a deepening curiosity into my personal wants needs fears etc. Her sensitive yet precise approach allowed me to feel comfortable from the get go and our sessions permitted me to be far less judgemental of my own psyche - creating a healthy, useful self awareness which is key in the creation of dynamic, honest and flawed characters.

~ AASIYA SHAH (UK) - Raised by Wolves/ Blood 

Romy is a super powerful and inspiring acting coach. The classes I took with her were spicy, honest and raw - in the positive sense of the word. You have to have guts to work with Romy, but I also think you have to have guts to play interestingly. At least, to portray lifelike and unpredictable characters. To be able to show unfiltered and unpolished all the facets of human drama. Romy goes much further than just trying to play 'as realistically as possible'. She searches for the core, for the heart of the scene. Even if it's comedy. That's what she tries to steer you towards. And that's exciting, but incredibly liberating afterwards. That, I think, is why we ultimately like to watch actors or why we like to play ourselves.

~ MELODY KLAVER (NL), Golden Calf Winner 'Best Actress' 2019 (in 'Rafaƫl')

What is so unique about Romy is that she does far more than guide and facilitate the actor. She has the ability to connect with her student to the point of creating a safe bubble. In doing so, one can dredge up the deepest and most raw emotions from real life and harness what one can often describe as "that shit" in order to turn it to gold.  She doesn't just teach the technique and craft of acting; she teaches the individual how to be a better actor. To represent our unified humanity, an actor needs to understand their own. Romy walks this journey hand in hand with you, helping you to find the truth, so that you can offer it to others in your performance. Romy gets you to the point where you can let go and live your character's life in the moment the director calls "action". The Chubbuck technique is a harmonious marriage of craft and method. Romy is your facilitator and there is no better woman, whom I've worked with to do the job!

~ CHARLOTTE PETERS (UK/ USA) - A Pound of Flesh / Interlude in Prague

Romy is a great acting coach. Her classes are a safe place to experiment with the Chubbubck technique, which is an absolute must. She has a sharp eye and dares to push your boundaries, but at the same time is precise in her instructions.
The Chubbuck technique is something I - I think - have been looking for all along. A technique with practical tools and concrete steps that serve to make the line between fiction and non-fiction as thin as possible and allow you to make games really dangerous. Really dangerous, and scary, because you are working with everything that is you yourself. The Chubbuck technique has opened the doors for me to a dimension that is infinite and both terrifies and excites me, both makes me feel confident and makes me feel incompetent: exactly the area you need to be in to grow.
I am grateful: acting has become a great new journey for me.


Unfortunately, it often happens that you are on your own as an actor on a film set because the director is busy with so much more than the actors. With one or more coaching sessions from Romy, I always come prepared, and know what I need to do to portray emotionally charged roles.

~ RIFKA LODEIZEN (NL) - Tonio (Golden Calf nominee) / Onder de blote hemel/ La  Holandesa

I have found the 'Directors & Actors workshop' to be fantastic. Romy is sharp, real and detailed. It was very instructive to prepare a scene with an actor using the Chubbuck method, play it, get notes from Romy and then play the same scene a week later. My understanding of what an actor needs to play a scene in a true, engaging way has grown and how I as a director can help with that.

~ RISHI CHAMMAN (NL) - Director

As a documentary director, I found Romy's workshop incredibly informative! You get an insight into the behavioral psychology of people (and film characters) and learn how, as a director, you and actors develop a common language to further shape a scene on that level. I learned to hear what is not said. To read what is not written and to make bold and daring acting choices with your actors. Highly recommended for everyone! 

~ ROSHAN NEJAL (NL) - Director

Romy is a true professional. I have had the opportunity to work on several scenes with her as an actor and can only say that the chubbuck technique is a great addition to any actor's arsenal. Romy has a keen sense of where your pain points are and knows how to make direct connections to your scene by asking pointed questions. This makes your character and scene breathe much more in a short period of time.


To regularly train scene studies, under the guidance of a good coach, for experienced actors, is normal in many countries. In The Netherlands there is that possibility with Romy Irene . A must for every actor who takes himself seriously. She trains and coaches actors in the Ivana Chubbuck method in a safe professional manner. A lot of work for actors, but with great results.

~ ROEL TWIJSTRA (Zuid-Afrika & NL)

I am absolutely convinced that Romy has opened a door to infinite growth in my profession. Ivana Chubbuck's technique is a technique of courage, hope and self-knowledge and makes you not only a better actor but a better person, if you dare...!

~ NANETTE DRAZIC (NL) - De Verbouwing (Golden Calf nominee) 

Romy gives me clear tools to consciously use unconscious psychological processes from everyday life. This helps me to create interesting and layered characters. For my role in 'Fighter's Heart' I worked intensively with her. The result of our hard work paid off. Laudatory press reviews emphatically talked about the layering and intensity of my character.

~ IMANUELLE GRIVES (NL) - Celblok H / Vechtershart

Thanks to Romy my bag of emotional stones became a bag of tools which I can use in my acting

and in my life.

~ POAL CAIRO (NL) - Alberta / Schone handen / GTST / Baantjer

The Chubbuck Technique has had a far-reaching impact not only on my playing, but on my entire life. For not only does it enable me to tap into my deepest souls when I play, but the technique also gives me life energy! This has to do with the essence of the technique: choose to keep fighting for your goal, despite great difficulties. Use your pain as a driving force to pursue your passion in life. The impact of this is not limited to the lessons. It fuels a fire in me! And that is also because of Romy. She is one of the best teachers, I know. She sees everything, names it crystal clear, gives me exactly the clues I need, and it feels very familiar to open up with her. The book 'The Power of the Actor' already provides great tools. But Romy is the one who really makes the technique come alive in practice.

~ MEHRNOUSH RAHMANI (NL) - Moordvrouw / Flikken Rotterdam

My first experience with the Chubbuck Technique was at the Chubbuck Studio in LA. I was so inspired after learning the technique, I was anxious to keep training. I was delighted when I found out Romy taught the technique in Holland, both through workshops and privately.

Romy is an amazing teacher; she doesn't just give you feedback, she really works and thinks WITH you, to make sure you reach your highest potential. The technique has done so many amazing things for me; it has literally changed my acting. Recently, I asked Romy for help when a very important audition came up for a part in War Horse that I had wanted since I first saw the play years ago. Thanks to the technique and Romy's help... I got the part! After each round of auditions I called Romy, she was so supportive and always gave me advice for the next round. My dream has come true and I am forever grateful!



Thanks to the Chubbuck Technique and Romy's guidance over the last few years, I have been able to bring tremendous depth to my work. Romy is extremely sharp and analytical and gives you the safety to explore the darker sides of yourself, making your work more interesting, successful and human. She creates a safe environment in which you as an actor dare to tap into your darker side and deepest fears. She has keen powers of observation; senses exactly what a scene needs and knows how to get it out of her actors in a penetrating, yet loving way.


Thanks to Romy's Chubbuck lessons, I have discovered a deeper layer in my acting as an actress. I also go to auditions with more confidence.

~ DEWI REIJS (NL) - Een echte Vermeer

The Chubbuck technique offers you a box of tools to get to the core of your character through your own life experience. I see the ongoing scene studies as a very fine 'actors gym' to stay in shape. Romy is a fantastic teacher and coach. In the group lessons, she knows how to create a safe, inspiring and motivating atmosphere where actors help and challenge each other. She feels exactly what a scene needs, and how you can achieve that as an actor. In a very personal and loving way, she knows how to bring out the best in everyone.


Romy is a good listener so she has a good understanding of how to guide you as an actor. There is no 'Teacher Ego' so you feel free and safe to share personal things that will further your work as an actor. Romy is open-minded, but most of all a woman with a big heart. I hope she continues to coach actors for a very long time.

~ CYRIEL GUDS (NL)  Intouchables / Zwarte Tulp/ Heer en Meester/ Suriname

The Chubbuck Technique has provided me with a reliable set of tools that unlock the deepest drives of a character, and allow me to find them in myself - in a way that is emotionally intelligent and that leads to very personal, real, in the body connections, and that also gives me something to really go after. Working with Romy has been a revelation - her intuitiveness and deep understanding of human behaviour and of the technique, coupled with her supportive and passionate way of teaching has brought me to a path I've been long searching for.


Romy's classes are a real treat and gem for any aspiring actor who is looking for a grounded, connected and truthful set of skills.

I have worked with Romy for a while now and she is an excellent teacher. Truly inspiring, intuitive and has a great eye for detail. I always feel I have gained and grown more after every workshop.

Looking forward to the next class!


Working with Romy has been a revelation - she is totally honest and gets to the heart of the matter immediately. I have always responded well to her feedback and guidance and it has helped me to cut away what doesn't serve me as an actor. I am only sorry that we don't see more of her here in London. If you get the opportunity to work with her using the Chubbuck technique then don't hesitate to do so.


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